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First Annual Jr. High and High School Boys’ Pre-Season Non-Elimination Format Tennis Tournament – on the USTA Tournament website it’s ID#850049115.

This is an invitation to Jr. High and High School boys tennis players who will be participating in the upcoming school tennis season.  We invite these boys to register for the First Annual Jr. High and High School Boys’ Pre-Season Non-Elimination Format Tennis Tournament.  This tournament gives the boys a chance to come together to play their soon-to-be competitors before the boys’ tennis season begins!

The tournament will be held on March 6, 2015 between 6-11pm at Scarborough Tennis Club 5641 Alshire Road Columbus, Ohio 43232.  The entry fee is $18/player, and each player is guaranteed 2 matches.  The tournament will offer both singles and doubles matches as long as enough participants register in both events. Otherwise, doubles matches will take precedent. Different divisions will start at different times.  Matches will be timed at a maximum of 50 minutes. The goal is to start each match on the hour. Each participant will play his two matches as close together as possible.

Register online at  using Tournament ID # 850049115 Space is very limited! Registration closes Mar 4th!

As Part of the entry fee, this tournament will include pizza and drinks, but because it is a non-elimination tournament, it will not include prizes.

This tournament is included as part of a pilot program run by the Greater Columbus Tennis Association (GCTA) to offer non-elimination tournaments to 11-18 year old tennis players. These tournaments are classified by the United States Tennis Association as “entry level tournaments”, but participants must have tennis skills to participate.

This invitation is intended for Columbus area Jr. High and High School boys who are going to play for their school tennis teams in the spring of 2015.  A specific list of target schools is appended to this invitation.

Questions may be sent to Jacqueline Boggs, Tournament Director,, phone 614 578-5326.