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News · Girls Soccer’s Interesting Week

Wow, what an Interesting week!  Winning streak ended, team marched in Homecoming Parade, started a new winning streak and the tournament draw. Hardly had time for the team dinner.

Tuesday, Pickerington North was able to best your Purple Footies. A hard played contest but in the end PN took home the win.

Wednesday high stepping along the parade route, working off the team dinner’s calories.  Some groups rode on trucks but Shayna Newsom was heard to remark “Trucks, we don’t need no stinking trucks.”

Thursday Zanesville winners of 8 games came rolling across from”Little Egypt and Big Musky”country. No coal was found, only goals knocked in by the Raiders. The last chance to improve the Raider record before tournament seeding and draw was upon them and every win is important.

Starting line up comprise some new faces plus names called before. Up front was Ry Buck, locked in behind was Bayoushe King, Caitlyn McKean and Alyssa Shiffman. Holding midfielders were Alexis Langwasser and MaryKate Watkins. Backs were Cassidy Kelly, Shayna Newsom, Julia Bazley with Polly Antrim. Minding the nets was Alissa Richmond.

The scoring commenced in the 5th minute with effective passing that sent Alyssa Shiffman up the right side for a cross to the back post where Caitlyn McKean tapped in the game winner. RHS 1 Zanesville 0

It was light work for Alissa Richmond, the ball was purloined long before a threat was realized. Alissa did snag two shots to keep a clean sheet. Alexis Sheffield did the same in her turn knocking away three shots on goal.

Tally two was a route one run with Ry Buck sashaying down the center gap, gathering up a through ball from Caitlyn McKean and sending it home past the Lady Devil’s keeper Makenzie Newsom making the Raider lead 2-0.

The stanza ended 2-0 with the knockout punch waiting. Caitlyn McKean’s last score was a combination of larceny, effective passing and a strong charge that left keeper Newsom grabbing air with the onion in the bag. Raiders 3 Zanesville 0.

Sunday saw the draw for Central District Tournament, the Raiders take on Marion Harding HS on Monday October 16, 7pm in the Baldwin Soccer Stadium. Winning that contest sends the Raiders on to Gahanna to face an old foe.

This Tuesday Oct 10 is Senior Night, the contest is Raiders vs Lancaster Lady Gales; JV 5:30 and varsity 7:15pm with the senior recognition ceremony between the two contests.

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Harry Head