News · Spring Sports Fees

The Athletic Department is asking that all Spring Sports PTP Fees ($175) be paid by Thursday, March 22nd.   (Just prior to Spring Break)

No student-athletes will be eligible or able to participate in any contests after that date until their participation fees have been paid.

Fees can be paid in person at the RHS Athletic Office (Livingston Campus – 614.501.4020) weekdays 9:00am-3:00pm*, but the Athletic Department is encouraging parents to take advantage of the online payment option through the Final Forms website.  The Final Forms payment option does include an approx. 5% up-charge ($7), but the process is convenient, credit card can be used, and the payment is registered immediately for coaches and the athletic department to see that payment has been made.         *Some coaches may also be willing to take checks and submit them to the athletic office, but that is up to them and is not their responsibility.

Reminder that all Boys Club Volleyball  and Junior High club funded sports (JH Baseball, Softball, Tennis) do NOT pay their Fees to the athletic department, but rather to their respective sports booster groups that fund the operation of those teams. The Fee for these sports may differ from the $175 required for school funded sports.