News · A Hot Time And Doing Fine, Girls Soccer 4-0

The old saying “It’s going to be a hot time in the old town to night!” was right on the dime. Two double water break games were in the offering. The Westerville South Wildcats rumbled around the belt way looking for some relief but none was forthcoming.   In the preliminary bout the JV handle business wining 2 – 0.  Taylor Stark of point guard fame extended her basketball scoring streak to the pitch poaching two tallies.  The defense was solid, a duo of goal keepers Abby Starkey and Olivia Dulay kept clean sheets.  Tomorrow the JV will test the weather in Hamilton Township and will be back in time for Thursday’s round up of Wolves. Refreshing!

Westerville South coming off of two seasons’ success against the Purple Footies and loaded with 9 seniors looked to continue and grab number three in a row.  The Footies had been in active conversation about those results and vowed to up set the apple cart, dumping the cats for a loss. 

The extremely stout back line Alexis Langwasser, Sydney Frydl, Mary-Kate Watkins and Cassidy Collins were set for Westerville South’s #8 Deja Edwards.  Deje owner of the 17 second goal last year.   It was heard ”she could have a month of time but no goals for her!   The Raider attacked featured Alyssa Shiffman, Ryanne Buck and Kendall Craiglow. The important contest for the midfield would feature Isa Fuentes, Baylie Phillips, Julia Bazley.  Tonight Alexis Sheffield was named the matche’s keeper.


Early success was riding purple backs, in the opening series Baylie Phillips knock a ball through the back line for Ry Buck to pounce upon.  Ry the birthday girl out stripped the Cats’ back 4 and was in on the keeper.  Ry shot and the goal keepers friend knocked it back, Ry shot again and this time South’s keeper Jenna Villacers secured the shot.  The gift rapped box was empty. 

Sorrow did not last long as again Baylie Phillips sent another ball through to the on rushing Kendall Craiglow.  Kendall gathered it in, out ran all the defenders and punished Jenna Villacers.  Two and half minutes were up and the game winner was in.  

RHS 1 – WS 0 

The speed of the Raider team was on full display, shots flew in from all directions alas they also flew by the waiting arms of that 8 by 24 feet net.  On the other end of the teeter-totter frustration ruled the day.  Deje Edwards first tired her luck against Cassidy Collins, no go.  Then she switch to see what kind of game Mary-Kate Watkins was playing, again no good.  Trying the middle Deje found that both Alexis Langwasser and Sydney Frydl were fleet of foot.  A big zilch against the back line. Her last ploy was to wait off sides and see if the assistant ref was awake, plenty of yellow flag waving there. 

Time as with the sweat rolled off and the first stanza ended. 

The half time instruction included pass up and through the midfield so the service would work better.  Long balls on a hot night were wearing out Katie Hatcher, Skylar Loebrich, Ry Buck, Alyssa Shiffman, Kendall Craiglow and Lead Delancy.  A lot of hard sprints to a ball to far do not make sense on a warm night. Beside its a wasted chance.  Put through ball onto to gaps on the ground, let the grass slow the ball enough so the attack gets them. 

Ry Buck the birthday girls knew there must be more presents wrapped and on the pitch.  Sure enough after only 4 minutes of action Isa Fuentes broke hard against pressure up the left side.  Isa drew the defense in her direction and knocked a ball through into Ry Buck’s forward path.  Ry out stepped the trailing defense and drill a low hard shot into the net.  

RHS 2 – WS 0

That score ignited even more fire under the Wildcats and they broke hard against the purple retaining wall.  All to no avail, the Purple Footies worked just as hard and weathered the storm, no FEMA needed here tonight. 

The Purple Footies used the revolving door defense to wear away the Wildcats.  In came Polly Antrim as a #6, Leah Delancey, Skylar Loebrich, Hana Fishatsion applied fresh pressure from the #’s 7,9 and 11 spots.  Plenty of water, rest and fresh feet provide a big plus.

Ry Buck polished off the evening with the help of Isa Fuentes.  Isa made a quick foray past the lagging Wildcat midfield and again sent in a perfect ball to Ry.  Defenders hot on her heels Ry make the South keeper move and thumped in the third and final tally.

RHS 3 – WS 0

Hands were shook, refs’ fist were bumped and off trudge the Raiders. 

Here is a great statistic Footies 4-0-0.  The rest of the evenings, statistics reflected 13 shots on goal, 6 corner kicks earned, 5 cynical fouls given and 4 keeper saves.  There saves were recorded by Alexis Sheffield. The Raiders won 9 punt or goal kicks.

Awaiting on Thursday, August 30 is both Worthington Kilbourne’s Varsity and JV.  The JV kick off 5:30 pm followed by the Varsity 7:15pm.   

Harry Head

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