Raiders News · Girls Soccer Nabs the Fifth Straight Victory

Wee doggie the Canis Lupus were in town and hungry to put the bite on your Purple Footies.  Still smarting from the last two drubbings, a vastly improve squad loped over from Hard Road.  

Before we discuss tonight’s brawls, harken back to last night’s action.  Thursday evening the Junior Footies were in action versus the Hamilton Township Rangers.  Even though those dreaded gigawatts showed to interrupt the affair, sufficient time was available for Anna Haines to notch two goals.   The Junior Footies kicked the Rangers to the curb winning 2-0.  Dodging lighting, the girls in white jumped on their trusty bus for a uneventful ride home.  A job well done. 

Alas tired legs tonight and injuries took its tole, the junior Wolfs were able to get 4 early goals and kept the Raider JV at bay. Final was 4-0, record drops to 2-2-0

The main event promised to be a real donny brook with fast paced action, hard knocks, arching shots, a take no prisoners match.  It met that billing with fanfare and both team struggled mightily to bring home the bacon.  

Adjusting the starting line, the front trio was Katie Hatcher, Ryanne Buck and Kendall Craiglow.  Willing to control the middle were Isa Fuentes, Baylie Phillips, Julia Bazley.  Again the back line featured Alexis Langwasser, Sydney Frydl, Mary-Kate Watkins and Cassidy Collins.  Tonight Alissa Richmond stepped between the pipes. 

The first 40 minutes offered up diving saves, hard knocks and none stop action.  Twice Alissa Richmond dove and snaked the ball off the toe of the Wolfs’ Maddie Feldhaus.  Keeper Celeste Sloma retuned the favor touching away worthy shots by your Purple Footies.  Howls of protest came from the Kilbourne cheering section over perceived fouls, you would have thought a full moon was about

The half time instruction included if there is no pressure on the ball back line start to drop, no more foot races. When attacking spread out, every one was on near post side. Mids connect more passes and control the ball out of the midfield.  Lastly drop the kick ball go for possession. Changes from the starting line up were Alexis Sheffield came in as keeper and Alyssa Shiffman started the second half as #11.  

The last 40 minutes provided three golden opportunities to break the stalemate.  One Ry Buck sent a driving cross that Alyssa headed just a touch wide on frame. The other was shot from Isa Fuentes that slipped under keeper Jill Baumgardner but a touch wide as well.  The last was a spectacular counter attack from a Worthington Kilbourne foray into the Raider’s back third.  Hanging just pass the midfield stripe Kendall Craiglow took in an out let.  Breaking hard Kendall drew the center backs towards her.  Ry Buck burst through the resulting gap recieving a well played ball from Kendall.  Ry raced in and punished Keeper Baumgardner with a low shot that broke the tie with 24 seconds left in the match.  The hosannas rang loud from the Purple cheering section. 

The lights flicked off and the stadium emptied as happy fans heading off to celebrating a 5-0 start on the season.  Ry held her spot as Ohio’s D1 scoring leader for another day. 

This night’s statistics reflected 8 shots on goal, 3 corner kicks earned, 3 cynical fouls given, 2 yellow cards earned and 7 keeper saves.  Four saves were recorded by Alexis Sheffield and three by Alissa Richmond.  The 9th half of shut out ball was played.

 Folks with out Buckeye tickets or a working TV, a good economical Saturday entertainment alternative is offered, September 1 both the Varsity and JV will travel and match up with Watkins Memorial. The JV kicks off 3:0 pm followed by the Varsity 5:00 pm.   

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