Raiders News · Check That Result; Rain, Hail, Lightening And Thunder Ends Match With Raiders Up 1 -0

Mother Nature decided to suit up for the Watkins Memorial game, loving her dark cloudy attire Mom Thunder-Lightening stole the show.  Win number 6 will have to wait!

The starting line up for the first 20 minutes was Captain Alyssa Shiffman, Katie Hatcher and Ryanne Buck.   The middies were Isa Fuentes, Baylie Phillips, Julia Bazley; with a back line of  Alexis Langwasser, Sydney Frydl, Mary-Kate Watkins and Cassidy Collins.  Alexis Sheffield would tend the nets. 

All was going well with Ry Buck’s goal giving the Purple Footies a 1 nil lead.   Alas the weather pulled down the curtain and win number six was washed away.  

All is not lost, the game will be rescheduled but before that an away varsity only game looms with Central Crossing, Tuesday Sept 4. Varsity kicks off 6:00 pm.   Come on down and enjoy the show. 

Harry Head

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