Raiders News · Girls Soccer Rolling Along, Dims The Comets 4-2

Hot today Chili tomorrow, good on your hot dog but bad on your skin.  Plenty of sweat rolled off both teams.  Water flowed freely and mid game water breaks were scheduled by the Arbiters.  Your beloved Purple Footies coming off Saturday’s incomplete game we’re anxious to grab win six.  Standing in the way was the improved Central Crossing Comets in from wiping the Lancaster Gales 2-1.

The Raider’s starting eleven included Ry Buck, Kendall Craiglow and Captain Alyssa Shiffman.  New faces in as midfield, Leah Delancey, Julia Bazley and Polly Antrim.  Back four are growing familiar Alexis Langwasser, Sydney Frydl, Mary-Kate Watkins and Cassidy Collins.  Alexis Sheffield guarded the goal line.

The action was quick and hard, the Comets planned on sprinting past the Footies by sending long balls up the sidelines.  First right then left, no luck in the entire first stanza.  The wing backs were used to that game and rode the attacks off.  The pressure began to adjust the flow and time and time again the Footies’ attacks came closer and closer. CC keeper Brittany Hanson proved equal too the task.  Racking up solid saves.  

Fifteen minutes in, action on the Footies left flank brought an attack fruition.  Alyssa Shiffman applied pressure, gathering up the ball.  Alyssa shot in and found Kendall Craiglow slanting in with a Comet center back on her hip.  Grabbing Alyssa’s pass Kendall ripped her shot past keeper Hanson and secured a 1-0 advantage.  

Some adjustments utilized to build offensive pressure saw Cassidy Collins swap spots with Leah Delancey and Skylar Loebrich adding her talent to the attack.  The balance shifted towards the Comet goal.  Two minutes later Ry Buck up the ante by picking up a long punt out, spinning her defender around Ry race to goal.  Ry smoked her shot to the net and secured a 2-0 advantage.   RHS 2 – CC 0

Some new mugs rushed in for the Footies, Olivia Dulay went in as # 10 and Katie Hatcher replaced Kendall Craiglow.  All out of the match enjoyed liquid refreshment on the bench. One negative event was a yellow card for tripping issued to Julia Bazley.

Half time instructors spoke to challenging for balls in the midfield, get goal #3 to lock up the match and be even more compact on defense. Some personal changes included Alissa Richmond putting on her gloves.  Olivia Dulay stayed in as attacking mid and Polly Antrim was back as #6. 

Twenty hard minutes went by when the Footies rocked the Comets back line, causing keeper Hanson to charge out and try to steal the ball away from Ry Buck.  Ry faked the keeper out, stepped past and with a considerable posse in hot pursuit slotted in tally 3.  The game winner was up on the board.   RHS 3 – CC 0

It was now or never for the Comets, their silver streak across the sky was fading but the Footies got greedy and push forward with little regard for balance, compactness and linked back and front lines.  The Comets worked hard to wrest the result away.  

Shortly after the second yellow card being flashed to Julia Bazley, she saw red.  The Footies lost a toe and had to play one down.  Up the right side towards a widely spread back line gave sprinting CC Georgia Lakso a gap.  Georgia punished the Footies scoring the first goal in 4 games.  A loud hew and cry went up from the stands and benches.  Action on a hot night was now fire cracker red. 

The clatter had barely died when Georgia Lakso repeated her trick and tighten up the score.  The Footies failed to drop deciding to see how sprinting towards goal worked.  Not as successful as a compact back line.   RHS 3 –   CC 2

Who to call, let’s see what Ry Buck was doing.  Ry was resting on bench.  Rushed back in Ry swooped up a lose ball, headed to the end line and battled to get off her cross.  Zip the ball flew in and crashing the back post allowed Kendall Craiglow to extinguish the Comet’s flash.   RHS 4 – CC 2

Win number 6 is in the book, record 6-0-0.  Tough one for both squads and the action and evening were hot. 

The Footies statistics recorded in fading light reflected 16 shots on goal, 2 corner kicks earned, 7 cynical fouls given, 2 yellow cards earned plus the automatic red card plus 11 keeper saves.  Six saves were recorded by Alexis Sheffield and five by Alissa Richmond.  The 10th half of shut out ball, but two goals given up.  A total of 3 for the season versus 22 goals scored.  Ry Buck still leads all Ohio D1’s with 11.  Kendall Craiglow is tied for 30th. 

Up next on Thursday evening September 6 will be a match against Rud’s gang, Delaware Hayes.  JV starts the action 5:30pm followed by the Varsity 7:15pm.  

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