Raiders News · Girls Soccer and Delaware Hayes Tie 1-1

Bumping along at warp speed the Footies reached the far edges of the empire.  Tonights opponents were the worthies from Delaware Hayes.  A team renown for achieving ties.  They now have four this season.  

 A night in travel white,  the Purple Footies took the pitch with Ry Buck, Kendall Craiglow and Captain Alyssa Shiffman playing 7, 9 and 11.  Holding down the 6, 8 and 10 spots were Leah Delancey, Isa Fuentes and Polly Antrim. The back line was Alexis Langwasser, Sydney Frydl, Mary-Kate Watkins and Cassidy Collins.  Alexis Sheffield started in goal.

The match started with a quick pace, justifiable as the Footies were matched up against the “Pacers”.  Just to get hearts racing after a opening Footies’ attack the Pacers sent a long ball into the Footies’ back third, well under control Alexis Langwasser decided to back pass to keeper Alexis Sheffield for a clear.  Much to all’s surprise Alexis Langwasser passed to a Pacer.  Alexis Sheffield forced the attacker wide and Cassidy Collins sweep the ball clear.  Close but no cigar!

Taking the ball up field the Raiders earned a throw in, Cassidy Collins throw went central to Isa Fuentes who passed to Ry Buck.  Ry’s shot was nicked away but went wide to Kendall Craiglow’s area.  Kendal gather in the sphere, took two steps and shot.  The final resting space was the back of the net.  RHS 1 – Hayes 0

 The game was humming along with early action decidedly in the Footies’ favor but results were not forthcoming.  The route one option was not making progress. In and out passing to move the center backs out to meet threats was not occurring.  Rotation of players kept the action fresh as Olivia Dulay went in as #10, Skylar Loebrich and Katie Hatcher as 7 and 11’s. They worked the sidelines hard but did not receive quality service.  The speed of the turf field took the first half to figure out passing pace.  Many balls were going forward but over shooting the Footies’ attack. 

One and a half minutes were left in the first stanza, the Pacers pushed into the Raiders back third.   The attack was thwarted by Mary-Kate Watkins but her outlet pass went off Skylar Loebrich giving the Pacers a throw.  A quick toss sent into Pacer Alyssa Griner was challenged by center back Alexis Langwasser.  Alyssa’s shot was turned away by Alexis Sheffield, as luck would have it, the ball bounced right back in front of Alyssa for a tap in.  RHS 1 – Hayes 1

Half time and the Raider coaches spoke on improving touch and pass pace, give the strikers a chance to gather the ball.  The team was reminded that additional good chances would continue to come, shift quicker to provide cover, use in and out passing as in two touch variety to move the center backs,  be strong with our pressure and get the first goal of the half.  The second half started with keeper Alissa Richmond now between the pipes.

The last forty minutes was hard action.  Most notable was a penalty kick awarded to the Pacers, called by their fans but explained away by the arbiters.  Mary-Kate Watkins zipped in with a quality slide tackle sending the ball over the end line.  Howls of protest sent the ref over to talk to the Pacer’s coach but no explanation was offered to others.  The center ref pointed to the spot and Alissa Richmond stared down the Pacer kick taker.  Alissa’s hard glare worked great as the spot taker blasted her shot high and over.  

WWW broke out as Ry Buck was body slammed and Isa Fuentes received a flying check to the ground.  No cards were shown as the players made their way to the bench, meeting with the Physio. 

Ry Buck had the last real chance of the evening breaking past two body guards, racing in Ry’s shot was knocked away and the evening’s affair fizzled closed. 

Record now stands 6-0-1; still undefeated but dented!

The statistics reflected 6 shots on goal, 3 corner kicks earned, 4 cynical fouls given and 4 keeper saves.  Three saves were recorded by Alexis Sheffield and 1 by Alissa Richmond.  

Up next on Tuesday evening September 11 will be a home match against Newark.  JV starts the action 5:30 pm followed by the Varsity 7:15pm.  

Harry Head

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