Raiders News · Girls Soccer Suffers 1st Defeat; Newark 2 – Raiders 1

Home game on the ‘Burg’s’ good sod; the soft big pitch is 1850 square yards bigger then the majority in central Ohio.  Alas the extra space did not prove to be decisive as the Newark Wildcats knocked the Purple Footies from the ranks of the undefeated.  

 The usual cast of characters represented the home town in purple; Ry Buck, Kendall Craiglow and Captain Alyssa Shiffman up front.   Leah Delancey with Baylie Phillips back from injury and Julia Bazley played midfield. The back line was Alexis Langwasser, Sydney Frydl, Mary-Kate Watkins and Cassidy Collins.  Alissa Richmond started in goal.

The first 20 minutes did not bode well for the Footies.  Newark was able to work the edges hard sending in wave after wave of sprinting attackers.  Working the edges, Caitlyn Swango sent a through ball into a gap for Anna Quick to gather.  Anna rushed in with Cassidy Collins in pursuit.  It was close but Anna’s low shot was able to slide under Alissa Richmond for the match’s first tally.  Newark 1 RHS 0  The first time the Raiders have trailed in a match all season long. 

Some adjustments begun a swing in possession but 4 shots with in the 6 yd box were saved by Newark’s keeper Katie Dagois.  The opportunity was there but Katie made multiple last minute saves.

Instruction for half included put more pressure on the Newark midfield, stopping the through ball attacks before they began.  Relax on the ball take possession passes, being down one is something we can overcome. Tighten the gaps in the back line by sliding quicker, as that is where Newark wants to attack.  Last item was shoot earlier from around the 18 yd line, go for corners.  As usual the keepers switched and Alexis Sheffield went in to finish Alissa Richmond’s good start. 

Eight minutes in a ball was played out of the back line to Alyssa Shiffman who went in and then out turning her defender.  Alyssa spotted Ry Buck sprinting hard into her own gap and delivered the ball.  Ry fourth try of the evening ended in the net and leveled the game. 

RHS 1 Newark 1

Four more point blank shots and a multitude of other shots were taken but again Newark’s keeper Katie Dagois was up to the task.  Others went just wide and kept the Footies from tally two.  Thirteen minutes to go found Caitlyn Wango edging into a gap, played on side Caitlyn rushed in with two Raiders hot on her heels with a good angle.  Out charged keeper Alexi Sheffield to gather the ball but our kindly wet turf played a hard trick and caused Lexi to slip.  That is all it took as the ball finally rolled into the net giving Newark the lead.  

Newark 2 RHS 1

The Raiders pulled out all the stops goring to a three back line up with Cassidy Collins adding herself as the 4th front line attacker.  Chances came but the chances went, as hard as they scrapped the Footies had run out of time.  

Record now stands 6-1-1.

Winning the statistics battle is nice but not rewarding. The stat sheet reflects 17 shots on goal, 2 corner kicks earned, 4 cynical fouls given and 4 keeper saves.  Two saves were recorded by Alissa Richmond and Alexis Sheffield got two.  Ry Buck scored her season’s 12th goal.  

The Junior Varsity won the opening event 2-0 with goals from Taylor Starks and Paige Castello; keeper Abby Starkey earned a shut out.

Up next on Wednesday is Coach’s 48 wedding anniversary and on Thursday evening September 13 will be an away match against Gahanna Lincoln.  JV starts the action 5:30 pm followed by the Varsity 7:15pm.  

Harry Head

Glumly Penning His Report