Raiders News · Lions’ Defeat Girls Soccer Squad

Away match with the Lions of Gahanna. Ranked in the area’s top 10, the Lions promised to be tough and lived up to their reputation.  The Purple Footies when loading the bus discovered that their two starting midfielders were sidelined with knocks to their noggins.   A difficult task just got harder.

Quoting Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman  “What, me worry”.  Plenty of skilled players were available, so named to the starting line up were Ry Buck, Kendall Craiglow and Captain Alyssa Shiffman playing as 7,9 and 11.  Staring with two holding mids #6’s saw Julia Bazley and Polly Antrim filling those spots.  Baylie Phillips took the #10 attacking midfield spot. The back line was Alexis Langwasser, Sydney Frydl, Mary-Kate Watkins and Cassidy Collins.  Alexis Sheffield started in goal.

The first 10 minutes proved that an addition attacking midfield was necessary against Gahanna’s talented midfield.  The Footies were unable to wrest center pitch control.  Time and space allowed attackers to find holes and place quality passes into attacking runners.  The result was an early goal by Lion Taylor Marcum.  The undaunted Footies did not realize the game winner was in the net.  GL 1 RHS 0

Adjusting to their regular 4-3-3 leveled the action with regards to controlling the Lions offense but little was achieved in threatening the Lions goal mouth.  Only one Raider shot was organized in the first half.  Still the Footies were optimistic. 

Half time instruction included narrowing the attacking mids further challenging the Lions midfield.  All were told to take an extra touch to move the ball, relax and hit passes in lieu of long balls. Defending information was take a breath, contain and force Gahanna into making plays.  Last was push up and try and shorten the field. 

Twenty more minute elapsed with excellent defensive work by the Purple Footies’ eleven, some addition offense was generated but status quo was maintained. 

Lion Alexei Whittaker broke the second half’s stale mate with a long lopping shot that slipped into the top back post corner.  She did the same with a quick touch on a corner kick, breaking the Raiders 8 1/2 game streak of no goals given up from set plays.  GL 3 – RHS 0

As the stars appeared a dejected squad trudged to the bus.  One high light, Gahanna gives out a sportsmanship award each match and Alexis Langwasser was recognized.  The arbiters are asked to pick and they all agreed it was Alexis.  So she is now the proud possessor of a big gold metal. 

Record now stands 6-2-1.

The tale of the tape recorded only 2 shots.  Figuring the Footies had 17 on Tuesday, the gap shows how good Lincoln played.  They had the 17 shots this night. Alexis Sheffield recorded six saves.  

Down but not out the Purple Footies will travel east to contest Zanesville High School.  Originally varsity and JV matches are now only varsity.  Saturday in the day, September 15 the date and 2:30 pm the time.  The Footies believe victory seven awaits in Zanesville.  Come see who is right. 

Harry Head

Not Worried