Raiders News · Message to our Raider Student-Athletes during this Pandemic and No-Contact Period

Raider student-athletes:

We hope that you are staying strong and healthy (both physically and mentally) during this trying time.  Please know that all of your coaches are thinking about you and are with you in spirit. Keep in mind that continued communication with your coaches is not only permitted, it is highly encouraged. 

Our Nationwide Children’s staff (Athletic Trainers and Strength/Conditioning Coach) are helping us to administer the BAND app, which is a great resource for you to use on your own at home in order to maintain your physical fitness. Please see the details and links below:

IF you plan to play a school sport next school year, please download this app. It is an interactive app that will allow you access to Sports Medicine materials while you are at home. You can communicate with Miss Regina, Miss Liz and Coach Garcia about injuries and strength programs. We have posted lots of content that you can use to keep yourself in shape and healthy while we are away from the school. At this time, this app is for student athletes and coaches only. We will be adding parents in at a later time. Take the time to look around the app and familiarize yourself with the content! You can ask us any personal questions that you have through a private chat in the app. If you do not have a smart phone, you can access the content through the website.

BAND App download :

Website URL:

 Also, please make sure your email address is up to date and CORRECT in FinalForms, as that is how we will be communicating with parents, coaches and athletes outside of the app during this time.

Please stay safe and healthy and do your part to practice responsible social distancing measures, so that we can all be back together as soon as possible!